DX-Cluster Vorpommern - Greifswald
DX-Cluster Vorpommern - Greifswald
DX de F5UOU: 7074.0 W4SOU FT8 -10dB from FM07 1005Hz 40336Z
DX de NC0JW: 7147.0 ZS6CCY 59+10 in CO 380335Z
DX de KE5I: 7023.0 SY8DQW THANKS QSO 73 200334Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28259.0 AI7AJ/BCN84LV<>DM33 aurora dist 30334Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28259.0 AI7IJ/B CN84LV<> oops ai7ij/b 30333Z
DX de XV1X: 7003.0 XV1X Eddy Vietnam CW 260333Z
DX de XV1X: 7003.0 XV1X CW 260332Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28259.0 WI7AJ/B CN84LV<> abt 529 qsb 30331Z
DX de F6GMQ: 1828.0 9A5CY 150330Z
DX de KL7TC: 14074.0 FK8GX 320330Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28244.1 WA6APQ/B CN84LV<>DM03 529 qsb 30329Z
DX de VE2TKH: 7031.0 TO6S Up 1 fb op 73 50327Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28212.2 AC7GZ/B CN84LV<>DM43BI beacon 30327Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28212.2 AC7GZ CN84LV<>DM43 569 30326Z
DX de W3LPL: 1827.0 TO6S Heard in AZ 50325Z
DX de F6GMQ: 1828.0 DH1NBE CQ DX 140324Z
DX de SP5NOF: 3575.3 II3WRTC FT8 +12dB 150324Z
DX de WB8VLC: 28050.0 WA7NBCN84LV<>DM42JH spot, cq 30323Z
DX de F6GMQ: 1830.0 OM2XN CQ DX 150323Z
DX de KE5I: 7178.0 SV2JJE VERY STRONG THANKS 73 200322Z
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/28 0318ZSFI=102A=8K=3expK=2R=71SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/28 0218ZSFI=102A=8K=3expK=2R=71SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/28 0118ZSFI=102A=8K=3expK=2R=71SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/28 0318ZSFI=107A=7K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/28 0018ZSFI=107A=7K=3No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/27 2118ZSFI=107A=7K=3No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de DD5XX-100100ZHAM lovers: Dont want to see any more FT4/FT8 digital-mode spots on the cluster? N-joy this fast realtime node ---> DD5XX.dxcluster.net:7000 <---
To ALL de IK2XDE2028ZCCluster+Skimmer - IK2XDE-6 - telnet://ik2xde.ddns.net:8000
To ALL de IK2XDE2028ZIK2XDE-6 DXCluster+Skimmer - telnet://ik2xde.ddns.net:8000
DX-Cluster Quelle: db0ovp.de TelNet Port: 411103:37:30 UTC (Refresh nach 120s)Web Interface by DL5DI, 20130104